Talking about candles

amy wedding candle 


jeff gordon candle

making candle photos , real easy roll candle on tissue paper, to get the size, cut the paper. un roll. Stamp on the tissue paper with your favorite stamps. color with inks .  Or print on the tissue paper using your computer. Use a glue stick to stick tisue to paper, only around edges. then print the way you normally do. Okay now you have your inked tissue of the image you want, get out your heat gun and heat the candle and roll the paper on.  Shaping  on the heat sheet and even out the wax, roll and heat.

    I find that the candle heats and melts from the inside out and will, burn slow and steady, usally people dont want to light them. AS ALWAYS NEVER LEAVE A CANDLE UNATTENDED.


candles I made for friends

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2 thoughts on “Talking about candles

  1. Thank you, sharing your experiences with us.Sometimes, I do this kind of craft.And decorate the candle.I will share with you.& I agree don’t leave alone in room when it was burning.This is the rule that is the most important using the safe candle.
    with love, ece// 

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