clay, glue sticks, utee Face molds

well Ive been playing with my face molds, I really love the way the clay ones come out, I also love that you can paint them. I used pearl ex powders on the glue stick molds and the powder stays on pretty well. I used heat set inks on the utee, paints didnt work on the utee but the powders did. All in all I like the clay molds the best. pouring the utee needs to be done in one fast sweep so you dont get lines, it seems to cool fast when pouring. Also using the glue gun I had the same problem I think I need a bigger opening on the gun, so more comes out at once…well heres the photos of them anyways…
clay,glue,utee moldssculpy clay, glue, utee molds

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  1. Rett
    Jun 28, 2008 @ 17:04:09

    Cool….I can’t wait to see the creations you make using them.


  2. ECE
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 04:44:56

    My dear, what a lovely playing & also, easy.Thanks for sharing.


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