leaf wax wreaths

Dip Leaves


Gather fall leaves at their peak.


Choose fresh-looking leaves with no blemishes. Leaves should not be brittle.


Place in an old book with a weight on top for a few hours to press leaves flat.


Melt 1 pound beeswax in a double boiler, oven, or solar oven. Do not let wax get too hot.


Hold leaf by stem and dip into melted wax. Dip quickly so as not to damage leaf.


Hang leaf by stem on a line with a clothespin until dry.


Wire a florist stick to stem for a longer stem to stick into an arrangement.

Close_up_wreath       Wreath_on_bench



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3 thoughts on “leaf wax wreaths

  1. What a beautiful way to preserve Autumn’s colors. How long will this last? Thx for stopping in! I’ve been bad at visiting lately but I’m trying.

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