paper embroidery feather

Using heavy water color paper. draw your feather of glue a photo of feather to paper to follow your color patterns. I use an Aul, to pre poke the holes make sure you have plenty of space between holes so you don’t tear new holes or over side an hole. its pretty easy you can do backstitching works good or reusing a stiched hole already in place.  then added beads and pretty. also made a green book mark. working on more of these everyone seems to want these…

my green feather book mark  . I love the colors light and dark greens, and crystal glass beads in the center. beads are all  Glass seed Beads…………….


making homemade books


drilling holes with rotary tool



2. choose threads

Choose a book thread color for your book….



Choose red sew up then back down . as shown



This is a close up of a green one.. sewn…

5. glue 6 sections of 5 page signtures

5 pages sewn together . makes 6 sets of these. then we glue sets… glue edges and place it one on top of the other.lining the edges even



lined up and glued  then added the matt board cover top and back .

9 using my rotor sanding tool to sand edges even all 3 sides of book

.Sanding the edges so its even rotary dremel tool…..{  LOVE THIS TOOL }

Just a few of the books I made….

found one of my paper embroidery cards

paper embrod

I stamped then did some  embroidery and added some beads to it. This came out so sweet…  I love it  I may have to do more of these…….. I do love my paper crafts……

Christmas chair HAT!

I made one because they were too expensive at the stores and on line . Dollar tree is my FRIEND…. LOVE that place… All you need is a red table cloth with a white fuzzy side …. cut to fit your chair in a triangle shape sew red side for the hat and the white fluffy side for the trim….. a bell or pompom for the tip… OK Photos worth a lot more then my typing… show and tell…LOL

Santa chair HAT by rosebudinnh

Santa chair HAT by rosebudinnh

Every one loves free e- magazines….

So I have my collection on pinterest and thought maybe it was time to share these wonderful free magazine that I found  over the surfing on the internet I do.


upgraded catalog into art journal.

gesso magazinegesso and glued a used DYER SHEET to the magazine cover first. then gesso the page.



Glue a couple pages together for extra strength also helps when you  apply the gesso, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMake sure the Gesso is dry before doing your next set of can leave a couple pages without Gesso and glue water color paper or other types of paper for you art journal, what ever you want to do, as long as you have fun doing it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAyou could even add photo paper and use those Inks you ve been wanting to try. LOL….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I trimmed the extra paper from the sides. and made it all look even.  Then I tore some green paper and glued to USED DRYER SHEET.  Next I Painted the sky blue, and watered down the paint.Dabbed it with paper towel to give it lighter puffy cloud look. made some knot stitch flowers of yellow and some of blue.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnext I added Shimmer to grass blades, with watered down Pearl Ex I sewed the glass green beads on , for a flowery look.And the Yellow flowers got a golden stem of gold thread..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I added my tree which is made from Sisal Twine,I untwisted it and pulled apart and finger painted it with black and Brown Acrylic paints. also made a nest also with Twine used more paint and added yellow for a slight tinge of color change on the nest. cut and glued branches in place. and tree. added a 3d puff behind the bird. {The Bird was a gift from a swap came with a bunch of die cuts from CANDY LOWEKE.. Which a big thank you for this … Love them….

Ill share what I do with this book as  I do the pages. thanks for the comments, its always great to get them….






A really fun and crafty place I have found………………

Need some crafty inspiration, looking for a challenge?

Love to share with others? Need a place to get some crafty inspiration? You have come to the right place, we have lots of fun groups you can join for free in our community. We love to share ideas, photos, tutorials and so much more! There are even swaps going on every month that you can join in. You can find all the groups at this link

The people here are so great , And it doesn’,t matter what level your on because the low cost of classes are great……….like $10.. and up   check it out ..Joining  the GROUPS are  FREE …. Join in on  ALL FREE classes, live on line at  Tuesday Schmooze day!!!!

I love my new found home there………………….. stop by my page there and leave some love…. see you there…………

new flapper girl purses ideas

I have been so busy with the holidays and family events and yes…. facebook….. that I seem to post less of my art works and things… I will try to be better at posting more. Sorry… this is some photos of a flapper being born. hahaa…..First I drew her out line with a pencil on canvas material ,then cut it out.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

next painted canvas with Gesso then painted her flesh tone and gave her some black outlined features yes it is sharpies permanent marker.


Used Black suede for her hair, some really fun textures here, brown thin suede for her scarf, her hat is made of leather..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe flower and decoration are from an skirt , I had it’s sewn in black thread and made of cotton.


recovered the purse with pretty blue sparkle material, the photo doesn’t do it justice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext I took the Sharie and turned the inner material black it was a funky blue jean I didn’t like so went with black inside gave it a whole new pretty look….
added some more bling….lol

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATADA………love my new deco purses, need to find more to redo… hahaa……….

deco art purses

I have found these purses on line and fell in love with them…… they are all retro and glam, some were going for $60.  And I thought wow , I should try my hand at this , It looks fun, plus every girl needs more purses…. I bought a bunch of purse bags a few years back, for a dollar each. they were ugly ,but I knew I just needed them. LOL..   So alterations or upcycling is what its called now a days……Credit goes out to the artist for putting these in my head. She sells hers on Estys check her out..

Now This is the first , and needs more to it , but thought I’d share so far..  I get so carried away, LOL… hers some of my photos …. I used satin, for the purse itself.

This is the start of my pattern , I don”t measure , I just cut look draw add cut ect. Tip for doing eyes nose and mouth is draw it , trace it on vellum in pencil then pencil side down on fabric and scribble on back and  you have a pencil transfer .

BEFORE ….fruity…
AFTER  tearing out the outer skin..

operation completed now for the shinny pretty SATIN………… ohhhh, WHITE………PRETTY…..

A close up……………………………….

shes not done she needs something but I think I’ll have to think more on it……. But if you know me you know that I am already making paper patterns to turn into fabric beautys………

peek of things to come………..

Felt Easter Bunny Basket

These bunny Easter baskets are so sweet…. My Grandchildren will have fun with filling these up with eggs…Is it Easter YET?

cutting and arranging the pattern pieces, and changing some things slightly , only because I didn’t have enough materials to do it the original way it was posted on Pinterest. love Pinterest by the way lots of free patterns and ideas….. look me up I’am there.

I used googley eyes because I ran out of black embroidery thread,cut 4 for the body.cut 2 white and 2 pink for ears, cut 2 strips, one long strip for handle and one to make a tail. cut the tail like fringe and roll glue or tack.

then I did the nose and mouth, and then Blanket stiched the ears.

I cut the pink slightly smaller then blanket stiched them.with pink thread.

cut and fringed tail , and  used fabri-tac to glue in place then sewed on and tacked down pieces of tail to look fluffy.

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