Glue ARTs Glue Glider PRO fun tip

We all own some sore of glue runner type guns , This one is a favorite of mine it so easy  Take out the old Cartridge…  open new package and insert cartridge …  Throw away old Cartridge right?  OH NO DON’T THROW AWAY…. open up your empty cartridge take old tape off, then PULL the GEARS off And the PARTS … You can use them to ink and stamp STEAM PUNK GEARS….. inks not bright enough for you….. ink-glueglider-art


If  This isn’t AWSOME enough for you,   then check out what a little metalic Acrylic  paint can do…..  And after you have the gears pull off paint or ink you can use them in your art work because you always need more tape refills.

Need gears for your art work?

Need gears for your art work?

Sometimes fun things just happen to me….. And this is Definitely a SHARE for all my art friends!   We know how they rake you over for gear stamps…. These are a free bonus from Glue ARTs Glue Glider PRO    Definitely!

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