Felt Easter Bunny Basket

These bunny Easter baskets are so sweet…. My Grandchildren will have fun with filling these up with eggs…Is it Easter YET?

cutting and arranging the pattern pieces, and changing some things slightly , only because I didn’t have enough materials to do it the original way it was posted on Pinterest. love Pinterest by the way lots of free patterns and ideas….. look me up I’am there.

I used googley eyes because I ran out of black embroidery thread,cut 4 for the body.cut 2 white and 2 pink for ears, cut 2 strips, one long strip for handle and one to make a tail. cut the tail like fringe and roll glue or tack.

then I did the nose and mouth, and then Blanket stiched the ears.

I cut the pink slightly smaller then blanket stiched them.with pink thread.

cut and fringed tail , and  used fabri-tac to glue in place then sewed on and tacked down pieces of tail to look fluffy.

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