cone shape’s Halloween challenge……..

So the challenge was cone shape decorations for Halloween….. And Well I love mine … Had some help from my grand daughter Elizabeth, she tore the napkins and cut the paper for the shingles witch is another project… LOL… so We have been  very busy creating the halloween   fun …

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstarted off with poster board type paper and made cones. then used our great glue recipe .. which is below……


Step 1:Squirt 3/4 cup of Elmer’s white glue into a measuring cup.

Step 2:Add 1/4 cup of water to the Elmer’s glue in the measuring cup. Alter the measurements to make the amount of decoupage medium that you need for your project. The ratio of glue to water is always three parts Elmer’s glue to one part water.

tear paper napkins in strips add the glue mixture with a sponge brush. layering all around to give the cones strength. paint the colors in sections add the fluffy fur for hat for the pumpkin man, green for the witch don’t forget to give her a cone nose…… and of   COURSE    MR. SKELETON!!!!!!!!!!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOH SUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy your Halloweennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!



face s are fun to paint

I am  practicing, painting faces its a paint over the face lesson to learn where and how to paint the eyes and nose ect. in the correct areas and it also help s you to notice where the shading goes. I really like how this is going. and hope to do more of this type of painting.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot to sure where I am going with this one but its in the Halloween booklet… so need to think more any ideas? lov to know what you think, I should do….

and hes my other Halloween fun page……………….



witches hat paper mache

I have discovered paper mache , I made this hat out of a paper plate and then added strips of napkins and mod podge, and layered it also used strips and made  paper balls and shaped them into pumpkins, by using extra layers and placing to look like the pumpkin layers. I used pipe cleaners for the spider. I then mod podge string and glued to form the spider web. and then added glitter . this was great fun working on this project with My grandson, He thinks the spiders are real scarrrrrry…….



  I did the witches head and body with paper mache, as I don’t have paper clay as of yet.

                                                             OH  SO  WICKED!

    I made the cat with card board base and paper mache he  forever,   I have some photos of the long process of the cat and will post  it another day. My first project of this type.   I really loved doing this one, And I like the wicked witch look also, but I really wanted to make the eyes closed and painted so I made another but different . …

this one so a lot of fun… love  how the broom  turned out.  All the hats around the base have M&M’S

in them ready for my grandchildren yes there are 4…..her dress has glitter and her black veil. BAAHAAAHAAA HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


haunted house with spirits

I just couldn’t wait for my new Cricut cartridge so I started my card with out it.  I made my house by drawing over and over again and trying to size it just right.   I use bright Brilliance   inks for the back ground added by using a sponge. and dabbing , then I stippeled and added black ink . To blend the colors I used a baby wipe, works great….  rubbing slightly so it doesn’t tear or mark your paper .  Boo was made by Cricut {Plaintin school book cartridge} Added a personal touch by adding my grandchildren’s photos in the windows.

 I made the black button with polymer clay , easy tip for making these spray mist a water bottle cap with water, then push into clay . round a little ball and stick it to the clay in the cap pull up and it should come up easy… bake to clay package directions.



foam board grave stones.. cut your foam to shape you want. I use a craft knife. a tip is to heat your knife with your heat gun it cuts easy-ier. I used grey stone paint and flicked some black paint for spots to it. then I used Green paint to give the moss look to it and some vintage brown shoe polish to give it a dirty look.  Draw a black bird or crow on sytro foam then cut out. and glue to top. I used fabri tac , only because most glues melted the styrofoam who would have guessed.

halloween candy cones

oh these are endless on ideas, so many ideas… and options… You know they arent just for christmas ,LOL. love making these cones fabric or paper…. I added fabric lace to the paper cones…  fun, fun,fun.  Is it halloween yet?

or if you need to have something Flameless, like me…. heres my verison…

new Cricut cartridge A Childs Year

Love the NEWEST CARTRIDGE in my collection A childs year….  Its a  a THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!! such pretty images  …. which youll be seeing more of ,LOL.

My  halloween card is the first project with this cartridge……..

A close up of the Halloween Card

close up of the card

heres the close up of the card, I used ranger inks a swirl stamp from ISC,papers are from A.C.Moore, paper bow is made by myself. The cartridge is CRICUT …..A Childs Year………

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