Granny smith apples


Torn papers and some I had to Cut really thin lines, used card stock , Mulberry papers, scrap book papers Velvet papers from Cricut. And some tissue papers for back grounds. White paper is eye glass cleaner paper cut in squares to make apples shine……

this was my challenge for this week , I took it and ran with it……………………

This weeks challenge is all about Spring!! Goodness knows with all of this grey dreary New England weather we’ve been having lately, some bright sunshine and warm air would be more than welcome.

So this week I want to use Spring as our inspiration. The sounds, the colors, the animals, the flowers, and anything else you associate with this wonderful time of year. Let it all inspire you and see what you come up with.

because its snowing out right now hiding all the flower blooms and green grass… Yikes……………….

here is my SPRING ADVENTURE, all I can see are the cute birds dressing her and the flowers and music that was playing in the background….. YES THIS IS SPRING, and I went with 3 -d because its just so COOL……… stamps, paint, fabric, lace under her shirt , flowers and more flowers and sharpies, and paint spray. wood beads and grassy fibers sewn on lace.with little baby green flowers.some fiber frills for trees, butterfly is an embrod. patch, feathers on my birds and yellow canary paint for the bird. gold and yellow sun. some stimple and swirls in jelly pens… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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