Felt artist trading pins…oldie but goodie…

Felt artist trading pins

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1. choose colors for felt fibers and photo.
2.cut the heat and bond
3.Iron heat and bond to felt
4.cool and peel off paper, save paper to reuse as needed.
5.cut into strips
6. cut into 3 pieces.
7. add fibers and strings,cover and Iron again.
8. add flower photo more fill ins as needed , fabric glue works well.or you could randomly sew.
9. add untill your happy . add fibers around edges to finish off.

making a fabric flower

For the bottom layer I glue with fabri-tac the material and canvas to keep it stiff. now cut out a circle this will be your bottom layer.


awsome ,now use paint,ink,or marker and draw a black line all around the circle to give it detail.


now add tulle fold and ripple it to give some depth to the flower when next layer is added. We will be trimming later on.

now cut a smaller circle in the same material or use a slighter different color and even a different material. you can either draw black again of heat the material and it will curl, With my oxygen I will stay away from the open flames.and draw with black Sharpie…


so now I curled some lace tulle and glued it to make the layer more dimensional

now go all around the flower and trim this lace it was just to give it the pretty fullness…

now I added a white Satin piece for a change , you can change up the collors or keep them all the same if you want. then I added anothe smaller circle to the center of that.

then I decided that a lace back would be pretty, so changed my mind again then added it to the bottom layer..

added glitter to the edges and pearls and lace to the center…………..  So would lov to see yours……………



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