Art a long with used dryer sheets

this is a very fun,fun,fun project …. you can use lots of differnt things for this projects whatever you have a lot of scraps for: paper, or cloth, or even both. There is no wrong way in art!…… okay some things you’ll want to have on hand…

Materials List
  • 1+ (USED/SPENT) Dryer Sheets
  • Decorative paper (i.e. napkins, confetti, tissue paper, wrapping paper, dyed paper towels, and always check the recycle bin)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Glue (Glue Medium, Tacky glue, Elmer’s Glue, Fabric Glue, or other liquid glue you have one hand).
  • Paint brushes
  • Masking tape
  • Freezer paper or Wax paper
  • Cardboard (A cereal box works great for this project!)
  • Fabric pieces
  • Water
  • Small cup or container for mixing
  • lots of artsy love!
  • a link for this information
  • dryersheet start
  • Now use up your scraps of papers……….
  • sorry  I didn’t take more photos of this process.. but I used  pretty mulberry papers , then blue napkins, white tissue wrapping paper, and pieces of a fruit paper napkin.   All come from dollar tree or clearance sales, more for my buck…LOL
  • now I have a great back ground piece for my art… which I’ll share later I am sure….
  • this is what Iam doing in class now

    this is what Iam doing in class now

    I love the classes there and no I am not getting a kick back.. I just found a great bunch of artist friends who think like me. finally people who get me .LOL

  • so plenty of links go see friend me…Id love to see your art……….
  • as this is an on going process in class I will post more in a few days or you can join us …..

A really fun and crafty place I have found………………

Need some crafty inspiration, looking for a challenge?

Love to share with others? Need a place to get some crafty inspiration? You have come to the right place, we have lots of fun groups you can join for free in our community. We love to share ideas, photos, tutorials and so much more! There are even swaps going on every month that you can join in. You can find all the groups at this link

The people here are so great , And it doesn’,t matter what level your on because the low cost of classes are great……….like $10.. and up   check it out ..Joining  the GROUPS are  FREE …. Join in on  ALL FREE classes, live on line at  Tuesday Schmooze day!!!!

I love my new found home there………………….. stop by my page there and leave some love…. see you there…………

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